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Roaming Charges

If you have ever used your mobile phone abroad, you will be all too familiar with roaming charges.

Here we explain how roaming works and how you could save money by using the Call2 Mobile Apps


The saving that you can get from using Call2 is based on the difference between inbound roaming calls rather than the outbound roaming calls. You will still be billed by your mobile phone provider for any inbound roaming charges .

We highly recommend you check the rates and terms of your service provider as they can vary.

In simple terms, roaming charges are the rates mobile phone providers charge you when using their services outside the country your contract is registered in. They are expensive and also the most confusing part of a mobile phone contract. Not only do you get charged for making calls (outbound roaming) but you also get charged for receiving them (inbound roaming).

The really expensive part is making outbound calls. Typically a UK citizen abroad in Europe can pay up to 36p/min outbound and 15p/min inbound. In the rest of the world it can be considerably more.

Call2 is a phone call back service. This means that a Call2 call back is always an inbound call so you only get charged for the inbound roaming charge, saving you on average 30% on your call cost from your mobile phone provider.

For Example:

Imagine you are a UK mobile user on T-Mobile, abroad in France and you need to call someone in Spain. This is how the call costs would work.

Call2 Charge 2.7p /min
T-Mobile inbound charge 14.0p /min
Call2 & T-Mobile inbound 16.7p /min
T-Mobile outbound charge (what you pay without using Call2) 38.0p /min
You save: 21.3p /min
Figures shown are for illustration purposes only, check with your provider for the roaming rates that apply to you.