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Most of the common questions about how to use Call2 are answered below. Some will also have video tutorials. If you need a little help with using Call2 our UK based customer service team are available 24/7 to help you out

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How long does it take to open account?
The account will be opened immediately.
How much does it cost to open account?
It is free to open an account, you can then choose whether to add credit to your account to make calls.
How can I add credit to my account?
It is a prepaid service, you can make payment by credit/debit card, PayPal, BACS or Cheque. Click on ADD CREDIT which is in the top right hand side of the screen once you have logged in.
Which credit/debit cards do you accept?
We accept all major credit/debit cards, including AMEX (American Express).
Which currencies do you accept?
All transactions are in Pounds Sterling.
Are there additional costs?
Only VAT for users inside the EU. NOTE - mobile providers may charge you for SMS messages and receiving callback when you are using your mobile overseas.
How can I earn money by reselling Call2?
Click on this link to the Affiliates area for more information.
Which countries can I call to and from?
You can call from anywhere to anywhere in the world.
Do I need a computer to use Call2?
No. All you need is a phone.
Do you provide Freephone numbers for different countries?
No, although this should be a future feature. However you will not be charged for calling the phone callback number as the call does not connect.
Can I use my mobile with your service?
Yes, in fact we have apps for iPhone and BlackBerry.
How does the service work?
Please see "How it Works" on the main site
Do I need to buy any equipment?
You only need a phone (mobile, landline or satellite). You will only need a PC for web callback and to manage your account online. You do not need a PC to make calls.
Do I need a smartphone?
No, you can use Call2 from any phone or mobile using SMS or Web callback.
How do I know my card details are secure on your website?
Our site is a Thawte approved secure site. This is industry standard. Go to your account, select add credit and click on the Thawte logo to see the certificate. We are also PCI/DSS compliant.
Tell me about your calling cards?
Our service is NOT a calling card service. Our service is callback. Credit is prepaid online or by phone, and calls are initiated via the web, a mobile or a landline.
How do I become a reseller?
Go to the Business link from the Call2 main page. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact our customer services team who will be happy to help. We are available 24/7. To contact us free of charge click here.
Can you make multiple calls with Call2?
Yes. Our Multiple Calls feature allows you to make multiple calls from one account so it can be shared rather than having to set up new account for your family or friends. You can all make calls simultaneously without having to wait for someone else to finish their call. All this from just your normal Call2 account! If you want to know more please contact our customer services team.
I have forgotten my login details, how can I login?
Your login is your email address with your chosen password, if you have forgotten your password click on the forgotten password link on the homepage. If you have forgotten what email address you signed up with our customer service team will be able to help.
Why is phone callback is not working for me?
Your phone needs to be able to accept calls from withheld numbers, as well as not withholding it's own number.
Why does phone callback say my number is blocked?
Contact our customer service team, they will provide you with a personal callback number that is unique to you.
Is it possible to make a 3 way call?
Not yet. We have a business service called MultiVoice if you would like a conferencing account.
How do I get a pin number to use phone callback?
Go into make calls and select the phone callback section. This will either show you your pin number or display a button to request one.
Will my credit expire if I do not use the account?
Your credit will expire after 180 days, however if you want to use your account again simply give us a call and we will add it back onto your account.
What is VAT and why are you charging me?
VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and it's essentially UK sales tax. If you think you have been charged in error please get in touch.
What is your VAT number for VAT claims?
Our VAT number is 745 1343 45.
Do you provide VAT receipts or invoices?
Yes. In your online account go to the account records section and click on payments, you can select either a single receipt for the payment in question, or a full list of payments. These will be downloaded as PDFs.
Why do you ask me to enter my password online when I am adding a new number to call from?
This is a security feature to prevent anyone adding numbers to your account that you do not authorise.
I have received a message saying that some numbers are barred?
In the first 30 days of a new account, some destinations are barred, to remove the bar early you can contact our customer service team, on successful completion of some security questions the account will be unbarred.
Will Call2 work with a global SIM card?
Yes. Call2 is cheaper in most cases than the calls you can make from global SIMs and you have the added benefit of not being charged for "roaming" by the SIM provider when abroad.
How do I sign up to Call2?
By clicking sign up on the website and following the instructions.
Why do I need to give you a phone number to sign up?
This number is set as the default number you want to make calls from. You can add more numbers once you have signed up.
The rate has changed?
To bring you low cost calls we purchase wholesale minutes from Tier 1 carriers. These rates can change weekly to us. On a monthly basis we review our rates and if necessary increase or decrease them in line with the carriers' charges. On occasion a rate may decrease due to a special offer or promotion and then return to its original level once that promotion ends.
How much data does the iPhone app use?
It is a very small amount. 2kb to login and 1kb to trigger a call. It uses slightly more to show recent calls and download the rates.