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Call2 in Canada

If you are living in the Canada then you are more than familiar with the lack of choice available for making great quality low cost international calls.

With Call2, you can keep in touch for less and still enjoy great quality real telephone lines at competitive rates. Whether you are calling your colleagues or friends within UAE or simply calling home, try Call2 for a great but easy to use service that works on any phone, landline or mobile.

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Who uses Call2 in Canada?

Students Abroad
Students calling home
Studying is a massive commitment whether it's to gain experience on a gap year or moving abroad to fulfil a degree. Call2 will help you feel closer to your friends and family at home and once you've finished will keep you in touch with the new friends you've made on your course.
Business Travellers
International business users
In today's global business world cost effective communication is paramount. If you need to be in touch when you travel you can be assured Call2 can provide you with a business quality cheap international calls. For business accounts visit our Business Solutions pages
Travelling has become a right of passage in this day and age, gaining independence and seeing the world. Moving from hostel to hostel, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures. But every now and then you want to call home to mum or dad to let them know you are well, and maybe to ask for some more money! The local sim cards are free but outbound calls can be expensive.
Commercial Air Crew
As a pilot I find myself and my crew on the other side of the world in a heartbeat. Call2 lets me call home to my family from wherever I am without running up large mobile, data or hotel room bills. I don't have to have different providers for different countries just one service that works everywhere.
Film Industry Workers
You can never know where the next shoot is going to take you be it New York, London, Prague or Paris staying in touch with your studio and family and friends is cheap and easy with Call2