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About Call2

Since 1996, Call2 has been keeping hundreds of thousands of people in touch around the world. From the outset, our aim was to deliver a top quality call experience for a fraction of the normal price, supported by 24 hour customer service. This is why we route all calls over premium quality lines, with our 24/7 customer support staffed by our own friendly team based at our Windsor office here in Great Britain. So, no matter where you are calling from or to, your experience of Call2 will delight you.

  • to respond to queries within 48 hours.
  • to always route your call over the best line available for the lowest cost.
  • to be transparent with our pricing – no set up fee, no hidden charges.
  • If you are not happy - money back guarantee.

We know you want clear information about the cost of your calls so, with Call2, there are no hidden extras, set up costs or monthly fees. Our call rates are all inclusive (although your mobile provider may make a charge if you are roaming abroad) and, once you have set up and credited your account, you will be ready to make your first call. Plus, if you’re not happy in any way, we will give you your money back.

At Call2, we know that it is possible to provide cheaper international calls, without compromising on quality, or using complex dialling codes, VoIP, SIM cards or phone cards. Try us and you'll discover the difference. And remember, we offer a quality guarantee or your money back.

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Real Phone Lines
Does the company use real telephone lines (PSTN) to route my calls?
24hr Support
Does the company provide experienced customer support, 24/7?
What type of roaming charge could I incur?
(less expensive)
(less expensive)
(more expensive)
(more expensive)
(more expensive)
Earn Money by Recommending
Can I earn money by signing up new customers?
Business Solution
Does the company have a business solution available?
No Connection Fee
Is there a separate charge to connect the call?
Can I make calls using the web?
Can I make calls using a standard landline or mobile phone?
Can I set up calls via SMS?
iPhone app
Does the company have an app to make calls from an iPhone?
Blackberry app
Does the company have an app to make calls from a Blackberry?
Does the company have an app to make calls from Android?