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Amy Duncan
happy Call2 customer
I am an American living in Brazil and have been using Call2 for a number of years. I have relatives and friends in the USA and have found it a convenient and economical way to keep in touch. The best part is I can use the service to call people who aren't computer savvy and prefer to use a landline phone. That's it! Cheers, and keep up the good work.
Enrique De Argaez
I have been using Call2 for several years now for business and family matters. It is a fine service with lots of convenience for the users. It is easy to use and has many practical features. Last but not least, the Call2 rates are very affordable. It is a practical way to get in contact with anybody, anywhere, at a good price, from my own desk PC.
M L Swilley
Very fair charges, there is no minimum usage per call, as in most other call back services, just the rate per minute I found you on the 4th page of Google, I think you should find your way to the front.. You have the fairest rates that I have found.

Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Wayne Russell for being chosen as a Competition winner! We hope that you have an enjoyable summer with your brand new iPad2.

Here's Wayne's story:
Nick Evans

Hello my name is Wayne Russell. I am a serving soldier who has just returned from serving in Brunei, South East Asia where I was working along side the Gurkhas. I was really grateful to Call2, as I was able to keep in touch with my family in UK at little to no cost. I also recommended other serving friends to Call2 and they had family in Nepal and Fiji to name but a few places.

Until you are away from your family for long periods as I have been you do not realise how using a site such as Call2 can make a difference. I was also being paid in return by having affiliates, so most of the time my calls were totally free. And now even my children use Call2 to call me if I am away from home. It's so simple to use; they just added their phone numbers.

I have now relocated to Europe and still use Call2; I honestly believe it would be very hard to find a better or easier service anywhere else.

I would finally like to thank Call2 for being so reliable.

– Wayne A Russell in Bulgaria, a Call2 member since 2005

Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Nick Evans in Bulgaria who is our lucky winner of $10,000! Nick was completely speechless when we first told him but once it sank in that he really had won the $10,000 prize he was over the moon.

Here is Nick's story:
Nick Evans

I have worked as an expatriate for the last 12 years and one of the frustrations was the high cost of phoning family and friends back home. My boss recommended Call2 to me and it really changed my communication patterns. Call2 is cheap, easy to use and I phoned my family more often, which gave me the added peace of mind, that everything was fine at home. Most of my family members are also Call2 users and they all find the service great.

Using Call2 is very nearly a daily occurrence for me and I am really looking forward to the new Blackberry App, which will make the system even easier and convenient to use.

When I was informed that I had won the Competition Cash $10,000 Prize I was totally shocked and speechless. This was a total shock and I had no idea at all this was about to happen. I thought I was taking part in a customer satisfaction survey. It is totally great and these competitions are a great way for Call2 to attract new members and keep current members loyal.

Thanks a lot Call2 and keep up the great service.

- Nick Evans in Bulgaria, a Call2 member since 2005

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I've saved $300 US dollars on my international phone bill every month thanks to Call2!
I can stay connected not only with my family and friends in Goa but with anyone around the globe at very economical rates….
I was surprised when the system picked up numbers directly from the e-mail that I click on
I realised that this would indeed be a useful tool for my business as nearly all of these types of e-mails contain a contact number.
I already recommended Call2 to many foreigners living here on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.
Thank you for your service – we value it and have recommended it to several others in Malawi.
I would definitely recommend this to my friends and in fact did few occasions already.
Very good, no complaints
Before Call2 I had encountered problems like hidden fees, bad connection and so on.
Call2 is a very extraordinary way to get in touch with everyone, anywhere in the world - I have had no problems
I am with the Irish Defence Forces and find Call2 an excellent service, especially as Internet connections are not always fast enough for skype.
98% of calls are successful meaning no quality issues with calls. Also, the payment options are very flexible and reliable.
I evaluated this service and feel its very good in terms of call back timelines, call quality
With Call2 I don't miss important meetings as I schedule it online
I will always be thankful to Call2 and their team for providing such an efficient 'State of the Art' service.
Call 2 is cheap and easy to use and I phoned my family more often which gave me the added peace of mind
I am really looking forward to the new Blackberry App which will make the system even easier and convenient to use.
The Call2 app on Blackberry has been incredibly useful and is without a doubt my favourite application on my phone.
Skype is only useful at home when we are on our computers, Call2 lets me call from my mobile
In fact, it is a pleasure for me to express my satisfaction with my experience using Call2 Blackberry app
It is so practical and easy to use. I classify it as "Very Good Work".
With other call back services, the problem is you have to know the number to type in, with Call2 you can use your phone book.
I have also set a blackberry account up for my wife this way we only have the 1 account to worry about and can both use the same credit.
I was able to keep my own Call2 account that I used with my iPhone so the transition between the two was very smooth.
I look forward to using my Call2 Blackberry Application for my long distance voice call needs.
Now we are right up-to-date with an iPhone app. version, which is so simple to operate