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How Call2 Works

Call2 is simple. Tell us the number you are calling from and the number you are calling to. Our system will call you and then connect you to the number you are calling.

With Call2 you can make high quality international calls for less - from anywhere, to anywhere. And it's as simple as 1,2,3.

1) Just give us the numbers; by phone, text, online, or through our smartphone app

2) We'll call you straight back

3) And connect you to the other person

Because we're making the call, all you pay is the Call2 rate, and there's no additional charge on your phone bill*

*Inbound roaming charges may apply. Please check with your network provider. For more information Click Here.

Ways to trigger a call

You can make your phone calls in several convenient ways; via our website, by calling our phone callback number, sending an SMS to us, or by using our free to download Android app, iPhone app & Blackberry app

The only difference between callback and a normal phone call is, instead of you making an outbound call, we call you.

At Call2 we choose the very best quality phone lines, rather than using the internet (VoIP), and connect you directly with the other person. So there's no more echo or jitter as you have come to expect from internet based services. Plus, calls won't end before you decide to hang up. And unlike internet services, you do not need to be at a PC or require a headset to make a call. When making a call, you can receive your callback on any phone you choose and our UK-based, 24/7, customer support team is always on hand to keep you happy.

At Call2, we offer all our customers free CLI or Caller Line Identification. As the initiator of the call, CLI (also known as Caller ID) allows your name or number to be displayed on the handset of the person you’re calling. So they can be safe in the knowledge that it’s a genuine incoming call from a friend or loved one. In addition, if they miss your call, it allows them to easily return it at a later time. Convenience and peace of mind, from Call2.

Call2 allows you to pay-as-you-go. There are no set up fees or hidden charge; you simply pay for the time you are on the call. Remember, we call you so it is an inbound call, like receiving a call from a friend

Roaming Charges

If you use a callback service to a mobile you may receive an inbound call charge from your mobile phone provider when abroad. More information can be found on our roaming charges page.