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Call2 for Business

Call2 Corporate is an international telephone calling portal for global businesses.

The portal provides central reporting making it easy to manage and reduce your organisation's international call costs.

The Call2 Corporate Portal is simple and easy to set up.

It gives you the ability to access low cost, crystal clear international calls through one supplier no matter where your business is located.

Call2 Corporate Portal

  • Monitor and manage costs centrally
  • Single supplier for telephone calls
  • Accessible from any phone
  • One currency no matter where the calls are made.
  • Reduce roaming charges by over 30%
  • Tagging all calls for reporting or through billing
  • No set up fees
  • No change to your infrastructure

"The high quality of phone lines provided by Call2 has been a great asset for our core product, phone lessons, contributing to our outstanding client satisfaction rate."

Telelangue, a Berlitz company.

Create a Global Presence

Are you trying to reach your customers abroad? Prospective customers are more likely to contact you if you appear to operate in their country.

This is easy to achieve with Call2 Global Presence. With numbers available across the globe, you can select a local access number or toll free number for each of the countries where your customers or prospects are located, making it easier for them to contact you

Our management portal gives you real time management capability, such as diverting individual numbers, at the click of a button so you can change the terminating point of any of your numbers simply and quickly, to anywhere in the world

  • Global Presence
  • Free or local rate calls for your customers
  • Central management and live call reporting portal
  • Self management of numbers
  • Instant change of divert
  • Divert to different destinations
  • Tagging calls

Community Benefits

With Call2 we run a scheme which allows you to introduce the Call2 service to your staff or customers, giving them additional credit when they sign up and earning your business points. These points can be converted into credits for your own business's calls, claimed as a cash income, or donated to your chosen charity. To find out more please contact our customer service team