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Call2 Methods and Apps

There are currently 6 different ways you can use Call2 so no matter what your circumstances cheap international calls are just a click away.

The Super 6

Traditional Callback Methods

Phone Callback
Just dial our callback number for free. to prompt our callback service and Call2 will seamlessly connect you, anywhere in the world!
SMS Callback
Send us a text message and Call2 will automatically connect you to your desired numbe. So don't worry if you don't have a data connection, we've already got you covered!
Web Callback
Simply login to your account and make calls to and from any phone, anywhere in the world.

Full step by step instructions for each of these methods can be found in the account area; so sign up now to get an account .

Mobile Apps

Call2 BlackBerry App
Get the new Android App for FREE from Android Market and take advantage of Call2 on your Android today. Download Now
iPhone App
Call2 iPhone App
Simply download for FREE, from the App Store to start using Call2 on your iPhone. Download Now
BlackBerry App
Call2 BlackBerry App
Get the BlackBerry App for FREE from BlackBerry App World and take advantage of Call2 on your BlackBerry today. Download Now