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There are many different ways you can use Call2 so, no matter what

your situation, cheaper international calls are just a click away.


Connections on the go

  • Reduce your Roaming Charges
  • Easy to use App to make calls and initiate call back to any of your phone numbers i.e. home, office or mobile
  • Night Time Warning Alert feature for the destination you call
  • Credit Warning Alert feature to warn you when your balance is running low
  • Rate Checker allows you to keep track of call costs
  • Make calls using your Smart Phone contacts and save favourites
  • Make calls directly from your Recent calls list in the app
  • Check latest Cheap International Rates
  • Use your app account to login online and access additional online features
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BlackBerry App

iPhone App

Android App

Get the BlackBerry App for FREE from BlackBerry App World and take advantage of Call2 on your BlackBerry today.

Simply download for FREE, from the App Store to start using Call2 on your iPhone today.

Get the Android App for FREE from the Google Play Store and take advantage of Call2 on your Android Smart Phone today.

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Desktop dialler


This version of Call2 is built in Java and will run on just about any operating system, whether you're on a Mac, Linux or Windows platform. So you can benefit from the Call2 services direct from your desktop.



Outlook dialler


Great for business users: make calls directly with a click of a button in your Outlook tool bar, contact list and even emails.



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Call2SMS Callback
Call2SMS - an alternative way to access Call2 without a smartphone or internet connection.
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